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Satoshi Island-Citizenship NFTs are Being Flipped on Secondary NFT Markets.

Citizenship NFTs are Being Flipped on Secondary NFT Markets, according to Satoshi Island. Thanks to the NFTs that are currently being produced, Satoshi Island may soon be a thriving community. Citizenships for the NFT are already available for purchase and sale on secondary NFT markets. And they undoubtedly provide a number of intriguing advantages. For the past ten years, Anthony Welch, a real estate developer, and Theresa have called a 300-hectare island home. It is being changed into Satoshi Island from its current name of Lataro Island. Although the majority of it is still virgin rainforest, the goal is to transform it into a sustainable smart city with residences and businesses. Welch stated to the world media that they are making an effort to create a true community. "We're not looking to build and profit," Welch claimed that his business associates spotted advertisements for the sale of his island. Then, in order to work with his new partners, he pulled it off the

Binance has launched a $500 million fund focusing on DeFi, NFT, gaming, metaverses.

Binance has launched a $500 million fund focusing on DeFi, NFT, gaming, metaverses, and social networks. According to The Block, the partners were DST Global Partners and Breyer Capital. In the fourth season of Binance Labs' incubation programme, the fund will be distributed to 14 participants. Source :@NFTsworld7

He left the Apple company for Disney ( Mark Bozon )

 Disney poaches Apple Arcade director to fulfill its ‘metaverse’ ambitions Mark Bozon, one of Apple’s top gaming executives, has left the company after 12 years to work for Disney. His new role will be senior creative leader for cross-divisional Next Generation Storytelling initiatives, which includes Disney’s “metaverse” ambitions. Source : @NFTsworld7

What Is Cardano (ADA)? Advantages of cardano.

  What Is Cardano (ADA)? Cardano is a blockchain platform that uses a special cryptocurrency called ADA to perform transactions. The Cardano platform can handle a wide range of transactions, but the ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem that allows for smooth interoperability between multiple blockchains. Let's have a look at how Cardano (ADA) compares to the other main cryptocurrencies. What is Cardano? Cardano is a blockchain, and ADA is the Cardano network's currency. In some aspects, this is identical to ether and the Ethereum blockchain. Consider Bitcoin to be Crypto 1.0. It's essentially digital gold, however, there are scalability concerns with the system. Then there's Ethereum, dubbed "Crypto 2.0" by some. Cardano is a Crypto 3.0 project that was developed in 2017 to improve upon the capabilities that Ethereum lacked at the time. Cardano was founded by Charles Hoskinson, who is also a co-founder of Ethereum. Due to a disagreement with co-founder Vita