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Satoshi Island-Citizenship NFTs are Being Flipped on Secondary NFT Markets.

Citizenship NFTs are Being Flipped on Secondary NFT Markets, according to Satoshi Island.

Satoshi island

Thanks to the NFTs that are currently being produced, Satoshi Island may soon be a thriving community. Citizenships for the NFT are already available for purchase and sale on secondary NFT markets. And they undoubtedly provide a number of intriguing advantages. For the past ten years, Anthony Welch, a real estate developer, and Theresa have called a 300-hectare island home.

It is being changed into Satoshi Island from its current name of Lataro Island. Although the majority of it is still virgin rainforest, the goal is to transform it into a sustainable smart city with residences and businesses. Welch stated to the world media that they are making an effort to create a true community. "We're not looking to build and profit," Welch claimed that his business associates spotted advertisements for the sale of his island. Then, in order to work with his new partners, he pulled it off the market.

Source -NFTs world7